DCD offers the solution to Multiple installations with the unique Multi-Puller.


Available in many different sizes to accommodate different numbers and/or different sizes of duct, the Multi-Puller can use the DCD puller series 00604, 00620 or 00650. The main benefit is that the unit will keep all the ducts up close to the reamer. The bell shape will protect the leading edges of every duct, as well as helping to pack the hole ahead of the ducts.

Each length of ducting is attached to a Duct Puller first, then each Duct Puller is attached to its individual clevis head, starting from the center and working towards the outside. Each clevis is free to rotate in order to make alignment of each Duct Puller a simple operation.

As the duct sizes get bigger, they are also stronger, so there are different clevis sizes to accommodate the higher strengths. There are three different clevis sizes referred to in the chart as Small, Medium and Large. Each different clevis size can only use certain size of Duct Pullers.

Because each of the different Duct Pullers also has a different outside diameter, it must be determined which type of Duct Puller will be used before it is possible to decide which Multi-Puller should be used.

We currently have the following part numbers in stock. Feel free to fill out the form below to place an order!

Part No. Clevis Size 00604-125 00620-125 00604-150 00620-150 Multi-Puller Outside Diameter (SWL)
00640-087 S 12 9 9 9 8-5/8″ (50,000 lb.)
00640-140 S 30 30 14″ (75,000 lb.)

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