As I’m sure you are aware by now, DCD Design has had great success in the application of our Breakaway Connectors/Swivels in many markets outside of the Utility and Cable Installation Industry in which we are so widely known.

The Breakaway Connectors are used in many different industries including Marine, Naval, Mining, Aviation and Environmental Applications to name a few. To read more about these applications, please visit

The newest utilization comes from Kris at Amec Foster Wheeler, Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. Amec Foster Wheeler works in consultancy, engineering, project management, operations and construction services within the environmental & infrastructure markets.

The application involves installing a number of Weirs for one of their customer using the 00551 Series Wire Breakaway Swivel in a storm drain system to prevent property damages from potential clogged storage drains. Kris had this to say about our breakaway swivels:

“Engineers became concerned about flooding after an unusual summer storm last year caused quite a bit of property damage (clogged storm drains) and asked us to make the weirs so that if a storm event did occur they would break away. It’s a bit tricky and requires a ton of welding aluminum but [00551 series Wire Breakaway Swivel] works great.”

Here’s a look at the application:

DCD Breakaway Connectors used by Amec Foster Wheeler

DCD Breakaway Connectors used by Amec Foster Wheeler

DCD Breakaway Connectors used by Amec Foster Wheeler

We would like to thank Kris from Amec Foster Wheeler for sharing the story and pictures with us.

Do you have an application in mind? Let us know and we would be happy to help!