The Fleet is ready!

We have your cable pulling needs covered. Whether your application is indoor or outdoor, in limited access areas or pull capacity requirements of up to 5,500 lbs., give us a call today and let us help to identify the best model to suit your needs.

Cable Puller fleet

Fiber Cable Puller: 42700-000
The Fiber Cable puller is a simple, easy to use Cable Puller that is designed to accommodate capstan drums of 9”, 30″, or 42” diameter specifically intended for use with fiber optic cables requiring a minimum bend radius. The 30” and 40” drum will take Bull Line™ and fiber optic directly on the drum, thus speeding up the pull process and increasing efficiency. The unit is powered by the TUF-Lugger Lite (41000-400) or by the TUF-Lugger Lite Electric (41000-500), providing a gas or electric option as a simpler, lighter, less costly option than a typical hydraulic puller.

TUF-Lugger Lite: 41000-200
With a powerful Honda 4-Stroke 50cc engine this puller comes out of the box ready for pulling jobs up to 2200 lbs. on a single line. Adding snatch blocks can double or triple your pulling strength (depending on the arrangement). Lightweight at only 35 lbs. in weight, this puller can be carried in and out of difficult-to-access areas. The Capstan works best with 1/2” double braided polyester rope and the gas engine allows for a continuous work cycle.

TUF Lugger: 42600-000
The DCD TUF-Lugger™ is a cable puller that is designed to accommodate most pulling requirements up to a 5500 lbs load. The unit is fully assembled and is mounted on four wheels, making it portable and easy to move into any pulling location. The TUF-Lugger™ is driven by a removable TUF-Lugger Lite Electric (41000-500), which can also be used for other applications. Included with the TUF-Lugger™ is a foot-pedal start/stop switch, 4 duct guides to suit 2”, 3”, 3-1/2” & 4” sched. 40 duct, as well as a steel tool box carrying case.

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