If you are familiar with DCD product, you may already know our standard fiber optic quadrant, which uses rollers to provide a 26” bend radius, suitable for low count fiber optic cables:

In working with our Outside Plant Engineer consultant, we have recently been approached to develop a fully supported cable guide to assist in installing High Count Fiber Optic Cable. Compared to Low fiber count, Singlemode fiber-optic cables or ultra-high-fiber-count (UHFC) cables can have fiber counts in the thousands. They are very sensitive to bending and must be installed above a minimum bend radius to prevent damage. Large diameter (40”+) wheels are often recommended to meet bend radius requirements and avoid damaging cable during installation.

In addition, a standard fiber optic sheave may not offer enough protection to avoid contact pressure concentrations from sheave rollers. DCD received some industry input that a better solution for installing this cable was required for these cables. In response, DCD has developed a new design of fiber optic cable quadrant, using gently curved solid block sheaves made from a low friction, highly durable plastic. The sheaves are machined to provide a very smooth contour and maintain the required bend radius on the cable.

With this manufacturing capability, the contoured sheaves can be applied to our standard 32200-312 design to make the quadrant suitable for a UHFC type cable. Dubbed a 32200-312F, this quadrant will provide a 26” radius surface to guide the cable around a bend, while taking advantage of our tried and true sheave hanger design that has been used in the market for over 15 years.

We’d love to hear from you! If you are installing UHFC cable and other installation requirements, we can develop custom configurations to suit your needs.