Straight from the field, we have pictures and video of our Maxi-Dub Swivels in action, courtesy of Boris de Koning, owner of PT Borizontal. Regarding DCD Maxi-DUBs, Boris stated:

“Had only 1 fail on me in 25 years and that was an internal maintenance issue related to bad cleaning.”

Maintenance goes a long way to ensure the longevity of the swivel and ensures that you get the job done without any surprises.

Boris has been drilling for over 25 years and is a specialist in HDD doing land to barge / barge to barge / shore approach / offshore pipeline as well as traditional crossings.

If you have any video or pictures of our products that you would like to share, please send them with a brief story and we will share them with your permission.

Geok Chai Pullback

Pullback video of Geok Chai river, 710 m of 48" in Azerbaijan a few weeks ago. Check or Borizontal Ltd for more.

Posted by Boris De Koning on Friday, June 3, 2016