Did you know that DCD Design has several specialized Lasher Accessory products that can help lasher customers depending on their specific application and environment? These accessories are compatible with DCD’s main line of lashers: the Lineman (61400-000), the Eagle (61700-000), and the Falcon (61800-000). Here is a selection of these accessories:

Halo Ring Guard – 61442-000 / 61773-000 / 61873-000

This accessory is designed for jobs in obstacle-heavy environments. It sits at the leading edge of your machine, so that branches and other obstacles are pushed out of the way during lashing and are less likely to be caught up in the entrance of the machine.

Halo Brush Guard – 61436-000

Designed specifically for the Lineman, the Halo Brush Guard can add even more protection to the lasher when being pulled through branches and other obstacles.

Overlash Assembly – 61438-000

Compatible with both the Falcon and Lineman, the Overlash Assembly will help the lasher with overlashing, especially large bundles, and will also help keep the lasher centered on the strand.

Wire Spool Plastic Guard Flange – 61409-065

Intended for use with the Lineman, the Wire Spool Plastic Guard Flange helps the Lineman lasher with a smooth pull and prevents binding when using non-metallic lashing wire.

For more information on DCD Design’s Lasher Accessories, please call us at 1-888-794-8357 or email us at sales@dcddesign.com.