Wire Breakaway Swivel

Our breakaway pin connectors have been popular among our customers over the years, ranging from 200lbs to combined break loads of 45,000lbs. However, we’ve been receiving several requests for smaller break values so we’ve introduced our wire breakaway connector to meet this demand. The wire breakaway connector (00531-010) and wire breakaway swivel (00551-010) uses a wire instead of a pin to achieve the smallest of break loads. The two-piece design ensures you don’t loose parts of your connector when separation does occur, and the product is manufactured from stainless steel to provide years of service.

Wire Breakaway Connector Wire Breakaway Swivel

Wire Breakaway Connector
(Series 00531)

Wire Breakaway Swivel
(Series 00551)

Designed to pull 1/2″ medium density polyethylene or light duty fiber optic cable, our premier set of breakaway wires designed for this connector will break at 120lbs, ensuring your product is protected from damage caused by over-pulling. We’ve recently added 40lb, 65lb and 100lb break wires, and have the ability to add other sizes to suit your specific application. Wire kits are sold in packs of 10. Product and wire certifications are also available upon request, when your product requires evidence that it hasn’t been overstressed for warranty coverage.