As you may have noticed, the brains behind DCD product engineering and designing have recently acquired a new toy – a small-scale 3D printer! We find this technology fascinating, and in fact it has been incredibly beneficial in creating prototypes and small-scale projects. This technology will eventually be perfected and considered ‘commonplace’ in Canadian manufacturing. Until then, we are proud to be an experimenter on the leading edge!

Below is the collection of videos we have made to show the 3D printing process to those who have not yet seen the technology in action. We have filmed three videos (more to come!) that have been sped up to show the majority of the process from beginning to end. In reality, however, creating these parts took as long as 15 hours!

*Hint – the videos look better in HD!

In the video below we print an Air Flow Adapter for our new Power Blower!


In this video, we print another piece of the puzzle that is our re-designed Power Blower. The final product here is a motor adapter for the unit! Take a look!


In the third and final video showcasing the 3D printer, we print off a Lash Guard for our Lineman Lasher! Just another addition to a popular product – that was printed.


As you can see, we have accomplished quite a bit with this printer so far! Keep up to date on our 3D printing experiments by subscribing to our YouTube channel. What do you think of 3D Printing technology in manufacturing? Let us know in the comments!