Based on a customer request, DCD has developed a new 400 lb breakaway pin to add to the 00565 series of breakaway pins.  These pins can be used with our standard 00560-010 Connector and both the 00570-202 and 00570-208 HDD Breakaway Swivels.  The pin, already field tested by the end user, has performed well and been approved for ongoing future use. 

Read more about DCD Breakaway Connectors on our product page.

DCD has noticed a scaling-down trend in required swivel sizes and break loads, likely to support the installation of High Count Fiber Optic cable, microduct, and smaller scale gas line and conduit.  DCD is well suited to support your needs for swivels and breakaways, with a range greater than anyone else in the market.  We are always open to custom applications to suit your specific needs.  If you have any custom requirements, please feel free to contact us!