It’s cold; it’s dark; business is slow… but it’s the season to remember that there are families living through hard times, all year round.

This Christmas, DCD Design will be sponsoring a family through an organization called Touchstone Family Association, a non-profit society offering a range of services to youth and their families in crisis.
In the building lobby, our production crew and office staff are gathering the fixings for a turkey dinner and gifts for the children, to be delivered by Touchstone in the days leading up to Christmas.
It’s a little bit from each of us, but it means a lot to the family. If your company has a Christmas hamper program, good on you! If you don’t, and if you can give a little back this year, look up an organization in your community. It’s easier to organize than you might think, and so worth it!
Family - Dorothea Lange
Photo credit: Dorothea Lange, 1936.