Now available at DCD is the newly designed 58340 series Parachute Dart. Also known in the industry as a Triple Shuttle, the device provides a new option for blowing in tape or twine into new or occupied duct. It consists of three synthetic fabric parachutes attached to our tried and tested flexible fiberglass rod. The use of three parachutes provides the best reliability in catching air and pulling the tape down the conduit.

In field testing, the unit performed especially well in ducts filled with water and occupied ducts with cables already installed. The unit put up with the abuse of testing and the fabric held up well to wear. The 4″ duct was even tested in a 3″ occupied duct to test its ability to travel through tight spaces. The dart would blow through a 200m long duct in 10-15 seconds.

If you’re looking for a versatile tool for blowing bull-line tape or twine into conduit, try our Parachute dart, in addition to our other line blowing equipment. Additional sizes can be manufactured upon request.