DCD offers of comprehensive range of frame and cage duct rodders, from the small and handy 3/16″ diameter rod to the heavy duty 1/2″ rod. A while back, we added replacement rods to our catalog. If a customer had one of our rodders, and eventually wore out or damaged the rod or cage, a replacement cage could be ordered with a set length of rod already installed, allowing our customers to re-use their perfectly good frames by unbolting the old one from the frame and bolting in the new one.

We are now offering the same convenience of being able to order and replace the frames. If your rodder frame somehow got damaged and is beyond repair, but your rod and rod cage are still usable, simply order yourself a replacement frame. We offer them for all of our rodder cage sizes, from 3/16″ to 1/2″, and they include all hardware required, so when you receive your new frame, you can easily transfer the old cage and rod onto the new frame with a simple set of wrenches.

The available part numbers are:
52300-000 – 3/16″ replacement frame
52700-000 – 1/4″ replacement frame
53900-000 – 5/16″ replacement frame
54200-000 – 3/8″ replacement frame
56300-000 – 7/16″ and 1/2″ replacement frame